A Notorious Kiss

The Wonderful World of Cinema


Today, as it is Valentine’s Day, we celebrate love. Our love of each others, our love for our family, friends, wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend. But the cinephiles also celebrate their love for film and love in films.

To do so, Second Sight Cinema is hosting the You Must Remember this… A Kiss is Just a Kiss… Blogathon. Here, each participant will write about a kiss in cinema’s history, and that will be our way to celebrate our love for film. What an original idea!


I’ve decided to go with my personal favourite, which is the “very long kiss” between Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman is Notorious (Alfred Hitchcock, 1946). One of the most beautiful kisses ever:

Ahh this scene just makes my heart beat, gives me chills and makes me fall in love with both Cary and Ingrid. It’s hard to believe the two weren’t very comfortable shooting this scene. Well, there’s…

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